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02 May 12

Season 5 complete

Jacob is thrown into the fire by Locke, who’s not really Locke but an impostor. Supposedly he’s the same guy that many years ago (when there was a full statue and the Black Rock just off the island) said “do you know how badly I want to kill you?”

Jacob: “Yes.”

Man in black: “Someday I’ll find a loophole.”

Jacob: “When you do, I’ll be right here.”

I love the conversation a bit before — it feels like foreshadowing. The MIB thinks people’s nature is negative — he talks about corruption and killing being the result of “what happens every time.” The best line comes when he says, “There’s only one end… everything before that is just… progress.”

(that’s a 4-star line. Awesome.)

So, here’s what I can gather:

Jacob can summon people to the island. He’s lived a very very long time. He (and perhaps the MIB) is the “mythological creature” I’ve been getting at in earlier posts. He believes people are good in nature. The MIB doesn’t. I believe the MIB to be the smoke monster too — and he can shape shift if he wants to (did it with Eko’s brother and also obviously with Locke). Maybe he can only shape-shift to people who are dead on the island? Which is why he could do Eko’s brother since he died in the plane crash? There are a lot of references to rules… I wonder if this is a “rule” of theirs?

Hopefully we learn more about these guys as Season 6 starts. They seem to be the source of a lot of answers… why these flight 815 people? why here? what’s going on? what’s the DHARMA initiative for? why did they come to this island? Etc. 

What’s the deal with Frank being a possible “candidate”? Candidate for… what?

How do Ben and Charles Whitmore fit into this? Ben broke into his house and told him he couldn’t kill him because it was “against the rules”. 

What’s the situation with 

20 Apr 12

"He wants us to move the island."


19 Apr 12

What is it that sent Jack down this drug / stressed out / can’t control my life path? I might have missed something.

19 Apr 12

Pausing in the middle of the scene which can be dangerous from a “looking like an idiot” standpoint, but I love the pressure Jin is putting on Charlotte to reveal that she understands Korean. 

19 Apr 12

Miles: “What are you? Her big brother?”

Sawyer: “No. I’m the guy who’s going to put a boot in your face if you don’t say, ‘yeah, I getcha.”

Miles: “…yeah… I getcha.”

19 Apr 12

So before, when Kate met Jack at the end of season 3 and she said “I have to get back, he’ll be wondering where I am” — she wasn’t talking about a man. She was talking about Aaron.

Let’s hope anyways.

09 Apr 12

3:20 gets me every time. 

Rich. Layered. Complex. A real masterpiece.

(video is music only… no spoilers)

28 Sep 11

Wow. Goosebumps.

06 Oct 09

1991 Blackhawks game. National Anthem. One of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen or heard.

25 Sep 09

Owl Sky — Fireflies

Another technology miracle — discovered using Shazam, downloaded in the car, from the phone while waiting for a train to go by — posted to Tumblr. Word.

09 Aug 09
23 Jul 09

Outstanding wedding entrance.

04 Jun 09

State of Mind by Raul Midon. Can you dig?

20 May 09

The end of “Glee” from Fox last night (5/19/09).

I particularly enjoyed this show b/c of its quirkiness. We won’t be able to see the next episode (or the rest of the season for that matter) until the Fall… but this was one heck of an audition for the show.

It has a lot of lessons overlayed… people normally at odds with each other (cheerleaders and choir geeks) recognizing greatness when they see it… misfits coming together under a common mission… students and teachers following something they’ve become passionate about.

Music sets my soul on fire… the way it can make me feel after a day at work (think Sharp Dressed Man by ZZ Top), on the way into work (think Beautiful Day by U2), when I wake up (think Clocks by Coldplay), when I make dinner (think Dreamcatcher by Andy McKee), when I’m about to waterski (think Are You Gonna Be My Girl by Jet), when I’m about to go to sleep (think Overkill by Colin Hay). It’s a magnificent, powerful, intimate connection that I have with no other art. This was an especially good rendition of “Don’t Stop Believing.” Hope you enjoy!

01 May 09

Transcendent Moments - Bulls vs. Celtics

Bulls vs. Celtics will be on Saturday night, 7pm. Bill Simmons writes for ESPN – he has up and down columns… mostly down lately… but I think this one is a three point play. Good style. Good substance. Great writing. It’s about more than just the game, the series, the sport – it’s about all sports. About why I love sports – why they can make you stand up and cheer at the TV or make you shrink into the couch and cry. About why we keep watching – no matter how many times a team lets you down, how many times a team will make you think they’ve found their rhythm before stinking it up on the big stage (I’m thinking Cubs, Bears, maybe even the Blackhawks) – despite all that, we keep watching. We tune in on week nights and school nights, weekends and holidays, Saturday afternoons and Monday nights just to get a glimpse of that elusive moment. That transcendent moment. David Tyree catches a ball ON HIS HEAD. Uribe charges hard, with a bare hand, grabs the ball, slings it to first for the out and the CHAMPIONSHIP. Jordan turns to the scorer’s table with a “I don’t know what’s going on” grin. Lance looks at Ullrich and then gets out of the saddle. Noah steals the ball, races Paul Pierce to the other end and throws a FACIAL down. They are out there – they are rare and so few and far between that sometimes we forget about them – but those transcendent moments are out there. And Game 7, Saturday night is sure to be the capstone to this series. From the article »There are many great things about sports, but here’s one of the best: You never know when two teams will click… We love sports for the simple reason that we never know when this will happen. It rarely does. We watch a lot of crummy games. We watch sporting events that had potential to be great and weren’t. We watch sporting events that almost made it, but one dumb thing happened to screw it up: A foul at the wrong time, a penalty, a two-base error, whatever. We keep watching. We keep hoping. And when everything clicks, it’s blissful.